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  Xuu b467b422b5 add config for cmd 7 months ago
  Xuu 6dd2053188 simplify shell structure 7 months ago
  Xuu d887e29830 adding a unix file socket 7 months ago
  Jon Lundy 8b3304d6ec . 1 year ago
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  Jon Lundy 45529e8f47 updates 1 year ago
  Jon Lundy ef169e7e60 various updates 1 year ago
  Jon Lundy ab89b050d5 fix 1 year ago
  Jon Lundy 101129d922 fix home chan. add some env vars. convert to go modules 1 year ago
  Jon Lundy df8f998c92 fixes for version 2 years ago
  Jon Lundy 5eabf05ca8 streamalicious 2 years ago
  Jon Lundy 7d0f36eadc update refs 2 years ago
  Jon Lundy 7c8f17875b update generated 2 years ago
  Jon Lundy d4725dcb9a go fmt, add debian folder 2 years ago
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  Jon Lundy 2bb7840ab0 hide output on status 2 2 years ago
  Jon Lundy 9eca3811ae initial commit 2 years ago